TLO Presents: Midday Veil, Swahili, Geist & the Sacred Ensemble and Glass Tunnels

Tonight at the Black Lodge in Seattle…

midday veil & swahili

Not only is tonight’s lineup full of incredible local bands, it’s an album release party for Midday Veil and Swahili, who both have new releases on Translinguistic Other Records!


Swahili. Photo by Kerosene Rose.

A few years ago, metaphysically-minded quintet Swahili relocated to Portland, Oregon from Reno, NV. Since then, they have quickly emerged as one of the most exciting experimental rock bands currently working in the Pacific Northwest, performing at last year’s Portable Shrines Escalator Festival  and Redefine Magazine’s Intuitive Navigation, as well as this year’s BODY||MIND house party at SXSW with Lumerians, Night Beats, AU, Royal Baths, Midday Veil and many others.

“there is nothing about this music that is by the book. […] The percussion beats you over the head while the synths sound like the end of the world. It’s a sonic fucking monument.” – Experimedia

We are excited to be releasing Swahili’s debut album as a limited edition LP with MP3 download on Translinguistic Other Records!

Midday Veil at SAM

 Midday Veil at Seattle Art Museum. Photo by Robert Wade.

Also celebrating a new release tonight is Midday Veil, with a super-limited cassette of improvisations made last summer in the Integratron, an acoustic tabernacle built with extraterrestrial guidance by George Van Tassel (1910-1978) in the magical Mojave desert.

 “Midday Veil consistently produces some of the best experimental psychedelic music I’ve ever heard, always bending genres and minds at the same time. This new cassette, Integratron, promises to do that yet again, as it is a series of improvisations recorded in an acoustically perfect wooden dome situated on a geomagnetic vortex in the middle of the California desert. I honestly don’t know what could sound more perfect right now.” – Hammer Smashed Sound

Geist & the Sacred Ensemble

Geist & the Sacred Ensemble at the Black Lodge. Photo by Eleanor Petry.

Joining Swahili and Midday Veil are TLO labelmates Geist & the Sacred Ensemble, whose 2011 cassette In Search of Fabled Lands is officially sold out through Translinguistic Other’s website, however a handful will be available at tonight’s show.

“As a largely acoustic musical meditation on death and rebirth (various deaths and various rebirths, real and imagined, physical and psychological, to these ears), In Search of Fabled Lands resists easy categorization, at once skyward-gazing and planted firmly six feet underground. It’s an album that rewards the patient listener…” – Revolt of the Apes

Glass Tunnels

Glass Tunnels. Photo by Margot Bird.

Rounding out the bill will be relative newcomers Glass Tunnels, who mesmerized audiences at the  recent multimedia art extravaganza NOISE, curated by Margot Bird and Nils Petersen.

I couldn’t be more excited about this show, which represents an incredible cross section of talent currently bubbling up from Seattle’s psychedelic underground. We have also been fortunate enough to receive some wonderful label press over the past few weeks, including a feature on the TLO label in this week’s edition of The Stranger.

See you tonight!

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