You Are the Plastic Ono Band

Last month, in a characteristic move challenging her audience to actively participate in producing her work, Yoko Ono announced on her website that she would be hosting a remix competition for her new track “The Sun is Down.”  The winners will receive mystery “Xmas prizes” and exposure on Yoko’s blog.

you are the plastic ono band
I haven’t heard any of the competition—and I’m more than a bit biased, of course—but my vote goes to local electronic musician (and fellow Midday Veil member) Mood Organ (a.k.a. Timm Mason) who just posted his doom-laden remix on Soundcloud for our enjoyment.

Listen live here: Mood Organ – The Sun is Down remix

Nice work, Timm. I hope there are “Xmas prizes” in your future.

~ by emilypothast on November 10, 2009.

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