Opening/Closing Tonight: Emily Pothast’s TURN

Tonight is the one-night-only exhibition of my piece for Turn at Joe Bar in Seattle! (Facebook event here.)


Emily Pothast, “Infinity Drawing.” Fabric bound mirrors, plexiglas, and a rotating collage drawing which may be manipulated to generate moving patterns. Kaleidoscope dimensions: 12″ square prism; drawing dimensions: 25″ round.

Turn is a year-long exhibition curated by artist Shaun Kardinal which began with a piece he made. Every month, a new artist gets the piece, with the instructions to make something new that (1) fits on a 16″ x 16″ x 36″ pedestal and (2) incorporates some part of the previous artist’s finished product. I took over the piece from Robert Hardgrave, and Jeffry Mitchell gets it after me.

My iteration of Turn is an infinity drawing. Using 12″ square mirror panels, I built a tabletop-sized kaleidoscope which infinitely replicates patterns placed beneath it.   The image component is a prismacolor and gouache drawing incorporating fragments of Robert Hardgrave’s xerox transfer and Julia Freeman’s fabric (sourced from the two previous Turns), affixed to a large foamcore wheel which rotates freely beneath the kaleidoscope.


Beginning the work of cutting into Robert Hardgrave’s print.

Other artists slated to contribute to Turn include Kimberly Trowbridge, Sean M. Johnson, Victoria Haven and Joe Rudko. (Full list here.) Infinity Drawing will exist for only one night, so stop by Joe Bar to see it in action before it’s turned into the next thing!

~ by emilypothast on November 24, 2015.

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