Fire in My Belly at the Hedreen Gallery

David Wojnarowicz - Untitled-Christ

David Wojnarowicz. Untitled (Christ), 1998.

Seattle University’s Hedreen Gallery has announced that it will be screening David Wojnarowicz’s video Fire in My Belly this Friday, December 10 at noon, as part of its LUNCH series of conversations in the arts.  As readers of this blog surely know, Fire in My Belly became the subject of controversy when the Smithsonian Institution bowed to conservative pressure to remove it from the exhibition Hide/Seek at the National Portrait Gallery last week.  (Seattle University’s decision to show the video is particularly audacious and admirable, considering that the Catholic League was involved in the pressure to censor the video, and SU is a Jesuit college.)

I have been asked by the Hedreen curators participate in an informal discussion following the screening of the film, along with a handful of other local artists and opinion-havers.  I’ll be reading up on the issue, so if there is anything I should know, feel free to send it my way. Meanwhile, I find curator Dan Cameron’s essay to be one of the most concise statements of Wojnarowicz’s importance in the canon of late 20th century art.

See you Friday!

~ by emilypothast on December 8, 2010.

One Response to “Fire in My Belly at the Hedreen Gallery”

  1. Glad to hear another place is showing it. I was just writing about this issue this morning.

    I hope this trend continues. It’s great that there’s also going to be a public discussion.

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