Opening Tonight

Lots of excellent group shows opening tonight. Troy Gua’s Meet Greet Rinse Repeat opens at Monarch Contemporary, featuring collaborative elements by some 47 excellent local artists.  You’re So Cool, a group show of artist pairs curated by Erin Toale opens at OHGE.  More group shows: Transubstantial opens at Catherine Person and Strange Coupling at Ouch My Eye.  Juan Alonso is sponsoring an art event/auction to benefit Latino artists through Artist Trust.  There are some other promising shows as well (see Joey’s list for City Arts).  I’m especially looking forward to checking out Bang, Universe, Everything, Chauney Peck’s show of new work at SOIL, inspired by African fetish objects, test data from the atomic bomb, and the spiritual power of chance.

Chauney Peck - A Powerful New God is Coming

Chauney Peck. A Powerful New God is Coming. Vinyl on paper, 2010. 35 x 32 in.

Later on, there’s a great show happening over at the Comet Tavern: Portland’s Purple Rhinestone Eagle and Eternal Tapestry, plus ((Audiwasska Travelers)) and Emeralds, with visuals by Portable Shrines.  Hope to see you there!

~ by emilypothast on April 1, 2010.

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