Parallel Trajectories: U N I V E R S E S at Vignettes + Midday Veil at Hypnotikon

File under: Burning the proverbial doobie at both ends…

Emily Pothast - Quasi

Emily Pothast. “Quasi,” Collage and drawing on paper, 2014.

I’m busy a lot, but this week has been one of the most exciting weeks I’ve had in recent memory. Not only have I been working my day job at Cairo and creating works on paper for U N I V E R S E S, my first solo drawing show in over 5 years at  Vignettes, which opens/closes tonight (November 13) from 7 – 10 pm; my bandmate David and I have been spending every night this week working with a wonderful group of singers to adapt three songs from the upcoming, unreleased Midday Veil album for a vocal ensemble.

In the gnostic poem the Thunder: Perfect Mind, the cosmic speaker who has identified herself as both The Whore and the Holy One declares,

“I am the voice whose sound is manifold.”

Midday Veil + Apocalypse Singers

Midday Veil rehearses with the Apocalypse Singers, 11/12/14

How can I even begin to explain the feeling of having these songs, to which I served as midwife as they wrestled themselves into existence, sung back to me in the form of a glorious lady hydra, with all its implications of eternity?  I can’t; thankfully music moves freely where words fail.

We perform at the Triple Door tomorrow night (November 14) at 8 pm sharp to kick off year two of Hypnotikon: Seattle Psych Fest. I’m excited to share all the images I’ve been working on, both musical and visual. Hope to see some familiar faces at Vignettes tonight and Hypnotikon tomorrow!

Emily Pothast - drawings

Sneak peek inside my flat file at drawings for the show at Vignettes

Midday Veil's Apocalypse Singers

Midday Veil’s Apocalypse Singers, left to right: Kate Ryan, Emily Stoner, Rachel Green, Rachael Ferguson

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