Midday Veil and Swahili Fall 2014 Tour Dates

My band Midday Veil and our friends and labelmates Swahili from Portland are doing a run of West Coast dates together in October 2014.

Midday Veil + Swahili Fall tour 2014

Midday Veil and Swahili’s Fall 2014 tour dates:

10/3  Swillery Whiskeybar, Bellingham, WA w/ Spider Ferns, Urban Fantasy
10/4 Art Signified Psych Fest at Red Gate, Vancouver, BC
10/5 The Northern, Olympia, WA w/ Total Life
10/6 Kenton Club, Portland, OR w/ Coronation
10/7 Siren’s Song Tavern, Eureka, CA w/ White Manna
10/8 The Hemlock, San Francisco, CA
10/9 Del Monte Speakeasy, Los Angeles, CA w/WHQLES
10/10 Holland Project, Reno, NV
10/11 1078 Gallery, Chico, CA

~ by emilypothast on September 28, 2014.

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