Opening Tonight

Wow, it’s been a really long time since I went down to Pioneer Square for First Thursday. But tonight there are two shows I am really looking forward to.

Garek Druss

Garek Druss. _/\_ (revised). Watercolor, graphite, and pen on paper, 2011.

The first is Open Interval at Cullom Gallery. Although Cullom Gallery is usually focused on Japanese woodblock prints and contemporary art that is influenced by their history, owner Beth Cullom has turned a series of events over to guest curators while she is away from the gallery on maternity leave. This month’s show was curated by artist Rumi Koshino and features work by D.W. Burnam, Gala Bent, and Garek Druss, all of whom I have written about previously on this site. The exhibition’s theme is the investigation of the connection between an artist’s visual work and other non-visual aspects of their lives and processes:

In drawings, paintings, and paper collage, Burnam (a writer), Bent (a mother), and Druss (a musician) manifest the otherwise imperceptible traces of their artistic processes.

The second is a pair of solo exhibitions at Platform Gallery, Jesse Burke’s Blind and Ariana Page Russell’s Blouse. Jen Graves briefly outlined the unsettling relationship between the two photographers’ work on a recent Slog post.  Burke’s photographs are of hunting blinds: constructions designed to conceal the hunter from the hunted. Russell’s photographs use a skin condition called dermatographia—which allows her to use her skin as a site for temporary drawings—to create images that hint at the world of emotions both conveyed and concealed by her sensitive flesh. Most recently, her work has also incorporated the use of temporary tattoos printed with images of her skin, adding sculptural and performative layers to her work.

Ariana Page Russell - Tuck

Ariana Page Russell. Tuck. Archival inkjet print, 2011.

Cullom Gallery is located at 603 S Main St. in the International District and Platform Gallery is at 114 3rd Ave S in the Tashiro-Kaplan Building. Both openings are tonight from 6 to 8 pm, which is good, because I have to get up to the U-District for Midday Veil‘s tour kickoff set at Rat & Raven. See you tonight!

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