Ken Ueno (UC Berkeley) and Midday Veil

I am very excited to be participating in a special performance on Saturday, Oct. 15 with my band Midday Veil and experimental composer and performer Ken Ueno at the Chapel Performance Space in Wallingford. Facebook event here. Full press release info follows.

Ken Ueno + Midday Veil

collaboration with rock instrumentation, extended vocal technique and live visuals
Saturday, Oct. 15, 8 pm.
The Chapel Performance Space at Good Shepherd Center
4649 Sunnyside Ave N, 4th floor, Seattle, WA
$5-15 sliding scale

In the summer of 2000, David Golightly of Midday Veil was a composition student at the University of Mainz, Germany and Ken Ueno was pursuing a Ph.D. in music composition from Harvard University. By chance, the two met at Stockhausen’s Courses Kürten, the annual summer workshops led by renowned German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen until his death in 2007. Ken and David immediately hit it off and began a correspondence and friendship that has continued for the past decade.

In the intervening years, Ken Ueno has forged a career as a world class composer and performer. He has been the recipient of the Rome Prize (2006-2007), the Berlin Prize (2010-2011), and recently received tenure at UC Berkeley, where he is currently an associate professor of music.

David Golightly’s life has taken a very different path. After receiving a Bachelor of Music Composition from the University of Louisville School of Music in 2002, he left academia and relocated to Seattle, WA, where he began working in software, stockpiling analog synthesizers, and applying his classical background to rock music, primarily as the cofounder of the band/multimedia spectacle Midday Veil.

David Golightly and Midday Veil are very proud to present this unique improvised performance and collaboration with Ken Ueno, featuring live video feedback with composer and artist Garek J. Druss (a Story of Rats, Tecumseh) at the helm.

This will not be a typical Midday Veil set. Rather it will be an intuitive collaboration with the physical environment of the Chapel Performance Space and the eternal moment of the performance.

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