Portable Shrines Escalator Fest III

This weekend marks the third year of Portable Shrines Escalator Fest, the multimedia art and music extravaganza that I co-organize with a shadowy cadre of my psych[edel]ic friends. Full lineup and info below.

Escalator Fest III

Escalator Fest III. Poster by Aubrey Nehring and Steve Quenell.


Friday Sept. 23  – Saturday Sept. 24 at the Lo-Fi Performance Gallery, Seattle, WA

Sept. 23: Performances by Midday Veil, Swahili (PDX), This Blinding Light, Lunar Grave (PDX) and The Fruiting Bodies + DJs Explorateur, Gel-Sol and Adam Svenson.

Sept. 24: Performances by Fungal Abyss, Diminished Men, Rose Windows, Macrocosm (PDX) and Ayahuasca Travellers + DJs Mamma Casserole, Papa Yod and Miss Clarita.

Doors at 8 pm, first band starts at 9 pm sharp. $10/night at the door.

Dave Segal wrote a handy compendium to all of this year’s Escalator bands for The Stranger, check it out here.

Hope to see you soon!

~ by emilypothast on September 23, 2011.

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