My Revolt of the Apes Interview

Happy New Year!  I figured I’d start this one off with a post for the ol’ “shameless self-promotion” category.

Midday Veil - Revolt of the Apes

A little while back, I was asked by blogger Ryan Muldoon to participate in an interview for his awesome music blog Revolt of the Apes.  My band Midday Veil had caught his attention from across the continent and he had some really penetrating questions. Like, so penetrating that I thought and overthought them for weeks before finally sending him a response.  We talked about where my artistic practice overlaps my musical endeavors, the tenuous relationship between art and commerce, and how sound is responsible for the creation of the universe.

If’ you’re interested at all in me or what I do, you will probably enjoy reading it.

After completing the interview, I noticed that it had been almost exactly 2 years to the date since Joey Veltkamp interviewed me for his ongoing series of artist interviews on Best Of.  Since the end of the year is a traumatic/transformational time for me (it marks my birthday, as well as the anniversary of death of my parents, and now the anniversary of me leaving the job I have had for the past five years), the curious new tradition of completing an interview at this time of year has been an interesting way to help me put a cap on where I’ve been and set the stage for what is yet to come.

Thank you for your continued interest and support. Since, as I mentioned, I am about to be devoting my full-time attention to my creative endeavors, I will undoubtedly be writing more regularly in 2011.

Onward and upward!

~ by emilypothast on January 1, 2011.

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