Midday Veil Fall Tour Dates + New Press

Midday Veil‘s record release party is TONIGHT!

Midday Veil Record Release

Nearly a year in the making, Midday Veil’s debut studio album Eyes All Around is currently available on both CD and limited edition white vinyl LPs via Translinguistic Other Recordings. Dave Segal interviewed the band for the current issue of The Stranger; his feature includes a very thoughtful assessment of the album:

[The album] begins with a ritualistic procession (“We Are You”), then segues into harrowing drone swirls (“Bardo”), before concluding side A (on vinyl) with an emotionally fraught power ballad (“Anthem”). Side B alights on the languidly gorgeous, Mazzy Star–like ode “Divide by Zero,” then shifts into the two-part “Asymptote,” the album’s gradually ascending, hardest-rocking section, which glistens in deep Pink Floydian space before it paraphrases and inundates the riff of the Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows” in orgiastic crescendos. “Eyes All Around” closes the album with a glamorous glimmer of a cosmic consciousness, topped by [drummer Chris] Pollina’s dazzling percussion solo in 9/4 time, ending with a decaying Tibetan bell chime. Listening to Eyes All Around feels like a highbrow roller-coaster ride through hell and heaven.

Meanwhile, John Gillanders has given the album a crazy amazing review for Redefine Magazine:

Throughout history, mystics, sorcerers, holy men, artists, yoga practitioners, and countless throngs of mind-blown tripping kids have seen The Thousand Eyed God Within, which begs me to question: Have you seen it? Is this a mere psychedelic rock record? Is it? Or is it a work of spiritual technology designed to mindfuck you into heavenly submission — a channeling ritual that forces the listener to confront timeless themes of death and rebirth unconsciously?

Finally, Seattle Rock Guy’s Palmer Sather wrote an excellent review of night two of Portable Shrines Escalator Fest II, including the following about our set:

At one point during Midday Veil, I actually got goose bumps from the sound of Emily’s voice. They’ll be playing again November 13th at the Comet. It’s a record release show, so get out and pick up their new album, “Eyes All Around”.

(Read the full review and view some videos of the performances here.)

Next week, we’re playing some shows down the West Coast in support of the new album. Tell your friends!

Nov. 17 – PORTLAND, OR – The Know with Brittle Bones and Vellarest. 8pm.

Nov. 18 – SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The Hemlock Tavern with The Why Because and Moonbell. 9pm.

Nov. 19 – OAKLAND, CA – ABCo Artspace with Sequin Trails, Magic Leaves and Selaroda. 8:30 pm.

Nov. 20 – SACRAMENTO, CA – The HUB with Little Teeth and Art Lessing & the Flower Vato. 9 pm.

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