Opening Tonight: Collaborations with the Forces of Nature

As Jen Graves said on the SLOG last week, this First Thursday is a big one. “Do it UP.” Highlights will no doubt include the unveiling of the new incarnation of Lawrimore Project, as well as the Billy Howard-curated show of work by Andrew Rubenstein at Collins Pub.  But don’t forget to come see me at Davidson Galleries, where this month we’re hosting two of the most exciting exhibitions in town.

John Grade - Circuit

John Grade. Circuit (installation view). Davidson Galleries, 2010.

In the front gallery, Circuit, a new installation of work by longtime gallery favorite John Grade (pronounced GRAH-dey) dwarfs everything in its path.  Constructed of multiple wooden skeletons covered with ten thousand pounds of textured ceramic “skin,” Grade’s latest installation/sculpture/enormity has been designed with the intention that it will be installed on a mountain for a year, where weather patterns will affect the work, evolving the exposed surfaces through wear and disintegration. (More about Grade’s sculptural processes here.)

The back half of the gallery, meanwhile, is dominated by the works on paper of Walla Walla artist Ian Boyden.  Like Grade, Boyden’s work involves what may be best described as a series of collaborations with the forces of nature.  Boyden’s latest paintings of poetic landscape abstractions incorporate hand ground pigments derived from meteorites.

Ian Boyden - Landscape Cross Section with Meteoric Iron

Ian Boyden. Landscape Cross Section with Meteoric Iron, No. 8, 2010.

From Boyden’s artist statement:

I am fond of microcosms, and, look for ways of translating the voice or spirit of something very large or distant. Our solar system originally coalesced from a giant cloud of dust. I find a distinct pleasure in grinding these meteorites back into dust in preparation for making a painting. In a sense each painting becomes a small reenactment of that original coalescence.

Speaking of collaborations with Mother Nature, don’t forget to stop by SOIL, where gallery member Jenny Zwick will be presenting Partum, a “weird show” about her pregnancy that includes “Hello 2,” a hilarious sequel to this photo from 2007.

Jennifer Zwick - Hello 2

Jennifer Zwick. Hello 2. Archival inkjet, 2010.

See you tonight!

UPDATE:  Oops, I almost forgot…there’s also a benefit tonight for artist/musician Wyndel Hunt, who was injured in a bike accident earlier this summer, at the Chapel Performance Space at 8p.m. Great lineup and a great cause. Check it out!

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