So Much Stuff Is Going On Right Now that I am Just Now Taking the Time to Tell You What that Stuff Is

Hello friends!  If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve noticed that I haven’t been writing very much in the last few months.  There are several good reasons for this, many of which I will reveal to you right now.  Are you excited?  I am.

(1) I just wrote my first freelance feature for The Stranger, about the exhibition Thunderbitch: Women Designers in Northwest Rock, 1966-2010. Yep, I wrote about a show I’m in.

(2) I am currently busting ass on the very first vinyl releases on Translinguistic Other Recordings.  The first is Eyes All Around*, the debut studio full length by my band Midday Veil, produced and recorded by Mell Dettmer at Aleph Studios over the past year.  Limited edition white vinyl!  The title track has been posted for online streaming here, and that’s also where you can go to preorder the LP.

Midday Veil - Eyes All Around

The second vinyl release on TLO Recordings is the Portable Shrines Magic Sound Theater Vol. 1, an epic compilation spanning 2 LPs and featuring exclusive tracks by eighteen of the most exciting psych, garage and experimental bands currently active in the Pacific Northwest (with a couple of outliers who have ties to the Portable Shrines Collective.)  More info on that release, including preorder coming very soon!

(3) Speaking of Portable Shrines, we’ve finished booking the 2010 Escalator Fest, which will take place October 22 and 23 at the Lo-Fi Performance Gallery in Seattle, which will be made over into a multimedia psychedelic wonderland for the occasion.  The lineup will be announced soon, stay tuned.

(4) Local design outfit Dumb Eyes is hard at work on a Midday Veil music video.  They are also collaborating with Portable Shrines to produce new visuals for Escalator Fest.

(5) I’m booking a West Coast tour in November for Midday Veil to support the new records.  (If you are in a Bay Area band that is awesome, talk to me.)

(6) David and I are participating in a number of upcoming duo shows in Seattle, including a 12-hour improvised musical sleepover(!) at Seattle University’s Hedreen Gallery on Sept. 18. More info on THAT coming soon as well.

(7) I’ve been asked to design a poster for Blitz: The Capitol Hill Artwalk that will be everywhere you look for four months this fall.

(8) The other day I cleaned my living room.  One of these days I intend to take a nap.

There are probably more things I’ve forgotten, but this is a taste of what’s going on.  Someday I intend to blog again. Right now, for better and worse, I’ve got so many things going on that the non-essentials have been the first to go.  Thanks for hanging in there, though. I think the new things will be worth the wait.


*Longtime readers might note that the title Eyes All Around comes from a post I wrote back in January 2009.  It’s one of my favorite posts on this blog, and it has a lot to do with the kind of stuff the album is about.

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  1. (8) yah, right.

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