Opening Tonight

There are lots of shows opening tonight in Pioneer Square, including two that I have work in.  At Rock Dement, a massive group exhibition celebrating the infleunce of Morris Graves on contemporary Northwest Art.  (Regina Hackett’s post here).

Mystic Sons of Morris Graves

Apparently my contribution (a tribute to Graves’s first word, which was reportedly “see”) will be presented alongside work by Matthew Barney, Maya Lin and Charlie Manson.  (Yes, that Charlie Manson.) This is going to be one eccentric show.  And yet I wonder if any amount of cultivated eccentricity will ever begin to do justice to the legacy of a man who once tricked basically everyone who was anyone in Seattle’s 1950s art scene into attending the moldy remains of a feast that had been prepared ten days prior, set to “dinner music interspersed with a recorded pig fight.”  Here’s hoping!

As I have mentioned previously, I also have work in the exhibition Thunderbitch: Women Designers in Northwest Rock 1966-2010, where two of my posters for recent Midday Veil gigs appear in a huge retrospective of visual culture from the history of Northwest music.  And where I’ll be autographing catalogs(!) beginning at 4 p.m.

Over at SOIL, the much-anticipated group show celebrating the 30th anniversary of the movie Xanadu opens tonight. Curated by Erin Shafkind, the exhibition also includes work by Klara Glosova, Joey Veltkamp, Amanda Manitach, and Gala Bent, among many others.

Amanda Manitach - Glory, Utopia

Amanda Manitach. Glory, Utopia (the head of Samuel Taylor Coleridge on the body of Terpischore). Drawing, 2010.

While you’re walking around the Square, be sure to check out “Celebration and Fanfare,” the absolutely gorgeous installation of cut paper in Occidental Park by Celeste Cooning.

Finally, at Kobo Gallery over in the International District, don’t miss Kobo Wonderland, an exhibition of solo photography by Christian Petersen of Dumb Eyes.

Christian Petersen - Kobo Wonderland

Christian Petersen. Postcard for Kobo Wonderland.

See you tonight!

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