Everything Applies to Everything: Best Tumblr Evr?

Seattle artist and designer Shaun Kardinal is the quintessential child of the Internet. He’s been building websites and living much of his life online since Keyboard Cat was actually alive. (OK, so that’s probably an exaggeration.) Anyway, apparently he subscribes to about a billion image blogs, Tumblrs and whathaveyou, because over the past few years I have been the delightful recipient of countless random instant messages from Shaun bearing a single image, out of context.*  Like this one:


Here’s another:

Have some drugs!

Now you’re talkin!

And so forth.  It’s true that the Internet is a vapid wasteland of useless information, but it is also undeniably an infinite treasure trove of amazing images, the likes of which the human race has never previously seen.  Some of these wonders are intentionally interesting (a.k.a. ‘art’), while others are fascinating precisely because they don’t mean to be.

Like many other Internet denizens lurking in isolation all over the world, Shaun Kardinal has made the act of unearthing highly enjoyable randomness into a fine art.  Until yesterday, they went straight from his eyes into the ether.  Fortunately for us, he just created a Tumblr blog to share his favorite findings with the rest of the world.  You may enjoy the fruits of his boredom on his blog, titled Everything Applies to Everything. Bookmark!

*Image sources, if known, may be found on Shaun’s blog.

~ by emilypothast on July 15, 2010.

One Response to “Everything Applies to Everything: Best Tumblr Evr?”

  1. omg YOU ROCK. and i totally forgot about that eyeball RACK.

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