The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Tonight at Gallery 1412: A Gift Tapes showcase featuring Zaïmph (Brooklyn-based noise artist Marcia Bassett), recent NYC transplant Jaime Fennelly (of the endlessly inventive Peeesseye), and Seattle-based synth duo Brother Raven on the final stop of their recent West Coast tour.

If you aren’t familiar with Gift Tapes, you might want to be.  Founded by longtime fixture of the local improvised music scene Jason E. Anderson in 2009, Gift Tapes puts out extremely limited edition cassette releases by his band Brother Raven (a duo with visual artist and ex-Bonus member Jamie Potter), as well as the work of a variety of regional and international experimental musicians.  Although the label’s releases have recently taken a turn for the eclectic—current offerings include a collage of electronics and field recordings by none other than Merzbow—the label’s warm and ambient signature sound is defined by Brother Raven’s lo-fi synthesizer improvisations, always captured live and recorded directly to 4-track.

Gift Tapes - Summer 2010 releases

Gift Tapes - Summer 2010 releases

The first releases on Gift Tapes were literally “gifts,” presented to friends and other artists who inspired Anderson musically.  The label has since achieved nationwide distribution, but echoes of this initial gesture of generosity may be found in GT’s ongoing series of concerts and events aimed at drawing an enthusiastic and receptive local audience for Anderson’s featured artists.

Feel the love for yourself tonight at Gallery 1412. Show starts at 8 p.m.

UPDATE:  The show was INCREDIBLE. I neglected to mention that VSS-30, Brother Raven’s first LP for Digitalis is currently available for preorder here.  Edition is limited to 300, get it while you can!

~ by emilypothast on June 23, 2010.

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