Midday Veil, Nudity and Datura Blues at the Sunset Tavern

Midday Veil, Nudity & Datura Blues at the Sunset Tavern

From The Stranger‘s Up and Coming:

Want to get psyched?  The Sunset’s where you wanna be tonight. Olympia’s Nudity are long-form astral ramblers with a wise and deft predilection for that timeless motorik rhythm that you want to last for all time.  Featuring members of Tight Bros from Way Back When and Growing, Nudity are krautrageously skilled at this sort of trance-out mode.  Portland’s Datura Blues purvey a ramshackle yet epic brand of folky psych rock that’ll curl your flannel beard just right.  Seattle’s Midday Veil keep on ascending to higher levels of heightened-awareness psychedelia that’s as beautiful and majestic as a satellite photo of Jupiter’s moons. -Dave Segal

See you there!

~ by emilypothast on March 24, 2010.

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