Yes, Please: The Erotic Photography of Erin Frost

Yesterday, in my post about Shaun Kardinal’s new collages, I mentioned his collaboration with Erin Frost for the upcoming Seattle Erotic Art Festival. Judging from the high number of click-throughs to her website, you guys are clearly curious about the self portraits I called “some of the sexiest photographs on the Internet,” you naughty things.  Can’t say I blame you.  Well, here you go:

Erin Frost - Double

Erin Frost. Double. Photograph. via

Erin Frost - Heatwave

Erin Frost. Heatwave. Photograph. via

One thing I like about Erin’s images is that they self-assuredly skirt the conventions of erotic photography without succumbing to their pitfalls. Each one is smartly composed and visually interesting.  If a cliché is employed, it’s because it works.  (Also, it doesn’t hurt that she is, like, freakishly hot.)

Erin Frost - Wings

Erin Frost. Wings. Photograph. Via

Erin Frost - Offering

Erin Frost. Offering. Photograph. Via

Erin Frost - Medusa

Erin Frost. Medusa. Photograph. Via

There are many more where that came from on Erin’s website, including several NSFW images.  She also sat for a beautiful series of wet plate collodion ambrotype portraits with Daniel Carrillo recently.  Check them out (when can tear yourself away from Erin’s website, that is).

~ by emilypothast on February 20, 2010.

7 Responses to “Yes, Please: The Erotic Photography of Erin Frost”

  1. Wonderful creative images. Fresh and alive with energy.

  2. check out her work again? don’t mind if i do!

  3. Beautiful person, beautiful work. Here’s to Ms. Frost!

  4. Love the Medusa one … I like all … what a great eye indeed.

  5. Gorgeous, and super hot! What I enjoy most are Erin’s protagonists, and the sense that each photo tells a story you probably want to know more about.

  6. And not just the guys.
    Melody x

  7. Wonderful images. Learned a lot from these.

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