Gifts for No One in Particular

In a few moments, I’m hitching a ride to the Kirkland Art Center for the latest installment of BrüTube, the gallery’s (monthly?) night of beer and YouTube videos selected by local artists and curators.  Presenting this evening will be Julie Alpert, Sharon Arnold, Matt Browning, Shaun Kardinal, Joshua Lindenmayer, Jessica Powers and Susan Robb.  Facebook event here.

Speaking of Shaun Kardinal, I’m digging these images of new work he’s never shown before todayembroidered postcard collages he’s been making to keep his hands busy while doing other things.

Shaun Kardinal - Forces of Nature

Shaun Kardinal. Forces of Nature. Cut and sewn postcard, 2009.

About these endearing objects, Shaun humbly says:

I enjoy crafting these little pieces. They require no concept. I can make them while I watch serial TV. I can relax with them.

Shaun Kardinal - Believers (A Gift)

Shaun Kardinal. Believers (A Gift). Cut and sewn postcards and photo, sticker, 2010.

Shaun Kardinal - Stragner in a Strange Land

Shaun Kardinal. Stranger in a Strange Land. Cut and sewn postcards and photos, 2009.

Shaun Kardinal - Untitled

Shaun Kardinal. Untitled. Cut and Sewn postcards, 2010.

More images here.  Also on the horizon: a smokin’ hot video for the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, produced in collaboration with his lady friend Erin Frost, responsible for what I honestly believe are some of the sexiest photographs on the Internet.

~ by emilypothast on February 19, 2010.

4 Responses to “Gifts for No One in Particular”

  1. yay! thanks for the shout, emz. it’s true about those photos: steamy.

  2. Thank goodness ‘other things’ was clarified — ha!
    (These are cool!)

  3. Just got to see these in person! Love ’em!

  4. These are awesome, and make me really curious about what other artists’ “side projects” look like!

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