Francesca Lohmann: Home is Where the Art Is

In 2008, Francesca Lohmann graduated from RISD with a BFA in printmaking.  Since moving to Seattle in the spring of 2009, she has been making prints at Sev Shoon and in her bedroom, mostly based on her interest in texture, organic forms, and scientific imaging.  But her most ambitious project to date is a site-specific installation in her Ballard house.

Francesca Lohmann - wall carving

Francesca Lohmann. 1766 NW 61st Street. Layers of old wallpaper, white paint, 2009. Approximately 36 x 90 inches.

From the artist’s website:

This spring I moved to Seattle, taking up residence in an old house with layers of patterned paper covering most of the interior. Since moving in, scraping off all those layers has been an ongoing project. This excavation process fascinated me: The wallpaper is almost 1/4″ thick, pasted layer upon layer over the underlying plaster… I began carving into it selectively to create an image of a cell structure that I love, inserting something of my own in the language of the environment where I am working to make a home.

Francesca Lohmann - Working on wallpaper carving

Francesca Lohmann working on wallpaper carving, 2009.

Francesca Lohmann - Wallpaper Cell Structure, in progress

Francesca Lohmann. Detail of wallpaper carving in progress.

Francesca Lohmann - Wallpaper Carving

Francesca Lohmann. Wallpaper Carving (full view)

By its very nature, a piece like this is impossible to commodify.  To see it in person, one must be an invited houseguest.  However for a recent exhibition at the soon-to-be defunct Cairo, the artist made a rubbing of the carved surface and installed a ghost version of her wall in the gallery—complete with baseboards and an ornamental electrical outlet.

Francesca Lohmann - Wall Rubbing

Francesca Lohmann. Wall Rubbing, 2009. Graphite on paper, base board, power outlet and crown molding. Approx. 36 x 90 inches. Chair by Ana Mikolavich.

~ by emilypothast on January 29, 2010.

3 Responses to “Francesca Lohmann: Home is Where the Art Is”

  1. The last photo had me fooled, it looks like a living room.

    Deposit? The risk is worth it.

  2. Any relation to the Lohmann family in Olympia (Sam/Jeanne/Karen) that’ve been doing letterpressed broadsides & artists books of contepmorary poets there for the past 20 years or so?

    (Jeanne Lohmann runs her own prize too – 3 unpublished poets in WA state get $200 in the mail from her every april)

  3. I’m not sure if there’s a relation. I’ll check out the other Lohmanns…they sound like great folks!

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