Sharon Arnold’s Chimaera: A Process in Progress

Seattle artist Sharon Arnold recently posted some new images of her current work on Facebook and the City Arts Magazine blog.  Coming off several months of drawings and paper constructions based in the excecution of rules set out for herself at the beginning at the project, Sharon’s new work has taken a more intuitive turn.  Her work-in-progress Chimaera explodes in an ecstatic rush of cut paper contours that presumably won’t stop until she reaches the end of a paper roll.

Sharon Arnold - Chimaera

Sharon Arnold. Chimaera. Cut paper (detail of unfinished work). 48 x 108 in. and growing.

At a certain point, I came to realise I wasn’t actually looking at the paper in order to see it better. I had removed my glasses and my eyes had slipped out of focus; and, almost by not looking, I could see more clearly. I’m more than certain this opens the door to a slew of metaphors, but in a sense it’s more literally true – if the lines or cuts are too sharp I’m probably thinking too hard about it, because everything seems to work better when I can find a more intuitive and less tactical approach. Perhaps all these rules in the beginning are what opened up a path to circumnavigate around them, since I’m constantly setting them up, only to break them all over again. —Sharon Arnold, via City Arts.

~ by emilypothast on January 22, 2010.

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