My Heroes Have Always Been Syphilitic Vaginas

New work by Seattle artist Amanda Manitach:

Amanda Manitach - petite variation

Amanda Manitach. Petite Variation of the Genitalia of a Female Syphilitic. Watercolor, 2009/10. 10 x 12. in.

This image is one of four new “petite variations” posted this week on Amanda’s excellent new blog, My Heroes Died of Syphilis, where she regularly delivers babbling, brilliant blogolalia befitting of her charismatic Pentecostal upbringing (geographically not far from my own in North Texas).  Recently honored as the featured artist at the December 2009 New Guard Dinner, Amanda generates images of florid, transcendent beauty rooted in the pithy and macabre.  Bookmark her, if you haven’t already!

~ by emilypothast on January 22, 2010.

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