This Entrance is for the Band!

The United States of America

Moskowitz with The United States of America, 1968.

Dorothy Moskowitz on being a female rock musician in the 1960s and 70s:

I worked as keyboardist/backup singer for Country Joe MacDonald’s All Star Band. The women in the group (drummer, saxophone/flute player and myself) typically got grief from the doormen and stage managers. At the stage door of one beer hall in the Midwest, we were warned, “This entrance is for the band!” “But we’re with the band!” We’d argue. “No! No groupies here!” It was worse in Europe, especially France, where they actually heckled our saxophonist because she was young and wispy looking, but played pretty funky. Somehow this was a deadly affront to the Parisian male ego. While I was never wispy, I still got ordered away from the piano at this same gig. “You don’t play now. This is for the keyboard player.” “But I am the keyboard player.”

– D.M., interview in Rockrgrl, 2005. (full interview here)

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  1. Wow, it sucks being the first!

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