Opening Last Night

Ha!  Thanks, Joey, for tagging me in your post about yesterday’s First Thursday openings.  As most of you have noticed, my posts have been infrequent of late.  This time I’m gearing up to go into the studio to record Midday Veil‘s first full-length studio album, as well as working on drawings for an upcoming group show at the Seattle Art Museum Rental and Sales Gallery.  But I actually did manage to make it out to some openings last night.  So what have we got?

Iole Alessandrini - Hidden Spaces

Iole Alessandrini. Photograph from Hidden Spaces laser installation, 2007.

At SOIL, there’s a show of work by three new member artists: Iole Alessandrini, Julie Alpert, and Ellen Ziegler, whose work intrigues me.  Materially, I don’t think it’s completely resolved yet (can you really rely on a sign on the wall that says “If you can still read this, you haven’t poked your eye out on the edge of glass sticking out of the wall at eye level yet*” to stave off the inevitable lawsuit when someone actually DOES walk into it?) but conceptually and formally, Ziegler’s shadow-casting reflective glass drawings are at the top of their game.

Ellen Ziegler - Hypnagogue

Ellen Ziegler. Hypnagogue (detail). Mirrored glass, light and shadow, 2009.

Over at Lawrimore Project, recent RISD MFA graduate Caleb Larsen has an exhibition of conceptual works in the vein of his contributions to last year’s Patch Dynamics show (my post here), retooled for the recession mindset.  As in, one of his pieces is a contract for a collector willing to take over his art-related credit card debt (the artwork is the balance transfer, not the lovely letter-pressed receipt, mind you) and another piece consists of a vending machine bill acceptor promising nothing in return (guess where the money goes).  While the conceptual content of the work elicited plenty of snark from the viewers I was listening to, there was also a general consensus that the idea of “owning” a sculpture that continually tries to sell itself on eBay is actually kind of awesome.

Caleb Larsen - $10,000 Sculpture (in progress)

Caleb Larsen. $10,000 Sculpture (in progress). Dollar bill acceptor, collected money.

Other highlights included the Susie J. Lee-curated post-ceramics show Wet and Leatherhard, also at Lawrimore project and a new show of characteristically endearing drawings and objects by Gretchen Bennett at Howard House.  Much more on the Slog and Best Of.


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  1. YEA!!! I hope I didn’t put any real pressure on – I just always love your picks! 🙂

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