Opening Tonight

Hey there. You may have noticed I haven’t been blogging much lately. I’ve in post-overload mode, enjoying a little free time for a change.  Anyway, I’m emerging from hiatus for a few moments to post about some interesting goings-on tonight in Capitol Hill.  At Grey Gallery and Lounge, Allison Manch is exhibiting Gimme Shelter, a new body of embroidered work investigating themes of love, loss, and the pioneer spirit.

Allison Manch - Petra Alvarado (after Avedon)

Allison Manch. Petra Alvarado (after Avedon), detail. Hand embroidered handkerchief, 2009.

Next door at Vermillion is Rattle My Cage, a group show curated by Sierra Stinson.  From the curator’s statement:

Growing up, I thought the term ‘Rattle My Cage’ meant something that impacted and affected a change in perception that was paramount, hence the ‘rattling.’  It was always a positive force inside my head and heart. Since then, I have come to learn each individual’s perspective of this common term varies from quite negative and disturbing to inspiring and calming.

Brett Walker - Imagining myself as Bruce Springsteen

Brett Walker. Imagining Myself as Bruce Springsteen... Video still.

Don’t forget to stop by the afterparty, the multimedia DJ night PENETRATION at the Bus Stop, featuring projections by Dumb Eyes.

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