We Built This to Leave

Trevor Johnson

Trevor Johnson. Title not known. Carved styrofoam

There is a promising group show opening tonight at Vermillion. From the press release of We Built This to Leave:

This show speaks to the obsessive creator in all of us. From our youngest memory of playing with blocks to the daily compartmentalization of our lives we are always building, organizing, and making something new. Each artist in this show explores what we are so busy building, why we are compelled to do so, how those creations impact the environment, and what becomes of the left over materials.

Sharon Arnold - BPM Detail

Sharon Arnold. 20 B/p/M (detail). Ink on Rives Heavyweight, 2009.

Today on the Slog, Jen Graves called We Built This to Leave a “tight, teeming universe” that “reveals the built environment to be the network of obsessive, pumping bodies it is.”  Participating artists Sharon ArnoldRyan Molenkamp and Trevor Johnson use a variety of labor-intensive methods to create two-and-three dimensional works that bow and sway under the weight of their own commitment to themselves.

Ryan Molenkamp - The Flood

Ryan Molenkamp. The Flood. Drawing on paper(?)

Without having yet seen the show in person, I am reminded of the 2005 exhibition at the Henry Art Gallery, WOW: The Work of The Work which examined, among other things, the transformative power inherent in a rigorous process.*

Wolfgang Laib - Yellow Square

Wolfgang Laib. Installing "Yellow Square." Hazelnut pollen on floor. Photo via Portlandart.net

As a fellow artist drawn to Sysyphian tasks, I am intrigued by the premise of the exhibition and the snapshots of the installation.  There is an opening reception this evening from 6 to 11 p.m.

*Can someone remind me who delivered a guest lecture on this topic? I don’t think it was Elizabeth Brown.

~ by emilypothast on November 6, 2009.

3 Responses to “We Built This to Leave”

  1. Thanks Emily, I look forward to seeing you there!

  2. “…bow and sway under the weight of their own commitment to themselves.” I love that description.

  3. Thanks, Gala. Nice sharin’ some ink with you in ye olde City Arts, by the way. I’ve been waiting to post on it till the new issue shows up on their website.

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