Opening Tonight

Tonight is First Thursday, and I sincerely hope the crappy weather doesn’t keep you folks away from all the great stuff happening tonight in Pioneer Square. Joey Veltkamp has a fairly comprehensive list of openings on Best Of, so I’ll just share a couple of images I recently received from the supremely groovy Aubrey Nehring to tantalize your eyeholes.

Aubrey Nehring - Hand-Eye

Aubrey Nehring. Hand-Eye. Watercolor on paper, 2009.

Aubrey is best known to Seattle music fans as the co-founder of the psychedelic music and arts collective Portable Shrines, which puts on the spectacular Escalator Festival as well as many smaller events throughout the year (including Midday Veil’s tour kickoff party on Friday Nov. 13!) In addition to making some of the most badass rock posters in recent history for PS, Aubrey creates intricate and engaging works on paper which he regularly exhibits with the (misleadingly stuffy-sounding) Capitol Hill Watercolor Society.  His characteristic style blends bright colors and fanciful characters with hypnotic geometries and psychedelic slogans. Dig?

Aubrey Nehring - We Are One

Aubrey Nehring. We Are One. Watercolor, 2009.

Aubrey has an exhibition of watercolors opening tonight at Some Space Gallery, which will also be showing some remarkably absorbing imaginary landscapes by Katherine Hepburn’s Voice drummer and visual artist D.W. Burnam.

D.W. Burnam - Hardy Perennials

D.W. Burnam. Hardy Perennials. Oil on canvas, 2009.

After the art openings, I hope you’ll consider heading up to the Rendezvous Jewelbox Theatre in Belltown for a night of experimental and electronic music that includes Mem1, Steve Barsotti,  Tiflin, and visual artist/Dragons Eye Recordings musician Wyndel Hunt.  See you tonight!

Wyndel Hunt

Wyndel Hunt's SCORES performance, Lawrimore Project, June 2009. Photo via A Spiral Cage.

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