Midday Veil: Live at Deerborn House

Midday Veil played a set at Deerborn House last Saturday night with Kelli Frances Corrado and Geist and the Sacred Ensemble.  Here’s a video of “Remember Child” from our performance, courtesy of Tiff Deerborn:

If you missed us, your next chance to see the band live is tomorrow night (Thursday, October 29) at the Josephine with Cursillistas and Paintings for Animals.  Dave Segal wrote a preview of tomorrow’s show in The Stranger:

Cursillistas—Matt Lajoie and Dawn Marna—trek from Portland, Maine, to play their stoned strain of ooze-on-down-the-road sigh-chedelia. As always with music of this stripe, some will find it tediously dawdling while others will revel in the liquid blissfulness of it all. Overall, though, Cursillistas conjure an eerie, rural vibe that will cause folks to freak—very gradually and naturally. Seattle’s Midday Veil have become one of the city’s most reliable sorcerers of slow-building psychedelia, with one fashionable boot in beauteous songcraft and a bare foot dangling in deep, krautward-bound jam space. I recently described Paintings for Animals’ music as “a weird party soundtrack at the microcosmic level or a score to your most mystical, baffling dreams.” I’m sticking with that story until further notice.


~ by emilypothast on October 28, 2009.

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