Crawl Space Obituary

This morning I received some very sad news from Crawl Space, one of the finest artist-run galleries in the history of our fair city:

After six years of curating and producing exhibitions, talks and special programs, the individual artists who run Crawl Space Gallery have decided to disband in order to pursue independent interests. Crawl Space will therefore cease to exist following our final and most ambitious show to date, Stranger Circumstances, opening on November 7th, 2009.

Thank you for your support. We hope you will join us for one last celebration on November 7th at 6pm.

This announcement comes as a surprise to me.  With a brand new website designed by Shaun Kardinal and the fairly recent hire of Jennifer Campbell as a dedicated director, it seemed like Crawl Space was going to be here awhile.

Crawl Space Fence

Almost exactly one year ago, my first entry on this blog was a review of member artists Anne Mathern and Chad Wentzel’s This is the Worst Trip I’ve Ever Been On: Acculturation in a Pre-Apocalyptic Age.  Since then, I’ve written about a few of the gallery’s shows, including Brendan Jansen‘s recent show and a SCRAWL essay for a group show of BC artists curated by Jessica Powers earlier this year.

I am disappointed for the loss to the Seattle art community, but I am also looking forward to seeing what sorts of things Crawl Space’s member artists will be able to accomplish with all the time they’re gonna have on their hands.  Here’s hoping it was worth it!

~ by emilypothast on October 13, 2009.

3 Responses to “Crawl Space Obituary”

  1. I am a fan of Crawl Space and am pleased to have had the opportunity to be a part of the project. While I am surprised and saddened by this news, I’m more curious to know how the founders of this great artist-run space are feeling, seeing their creation close rather than take on new members?

    Along with another local, respected artist-run gallery, Crawl Space took on just one new artist-member this year, despite significant response from local talent. Yes, some longstanding members of each have made strides with their personal careers, but do they not remember the days before? Do they not realize the very thing which makes artist-run galleries so important and vital to the community is new blood? When did the importance of giving a young artist a fostering community wane to the point of complete dissolution?

    We’re all excited to see our friends and co-conspirators move up the ladder of our little shed, but why, lately, do they insist on kicking their feet below them after every step?

  2. I’ve gotta say, well said Shaun. I’m more than a little saddened at the loss of an opportunity for emerging artists to show and curate their work and others’.

    Seattle is too small for such a significant loss. I don’t want to begrudge anyone the chance to move their own careers forward, but I also can’t help but wonder why at least this project couldn’t have been passed on? Ours is not to wonder, I suppose, but I see the chances for emerging artists are one space smaller.

  3. Shaun, I so appreciate you writing this. Thanks.

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