Tonight in Transcendentalism

Tonight is the opening of Brendan Jansen’s solo show No Chasm, No Cleft at Crawl Space Gallery.  The press release is enticing:

Brendan Jansen. No Chasm, No Cleft. Altered Photograph(?)

Brendan Jansen. No Chasm, No Cleft. Altered Photograph.

For his solo at Crawl Space, Jansen explores the space between pre-mediated experience and the choices that presuppose modes of depiction.  As his title alludes—referring by way of negation to the location where ancient Greek oracles tapped into the unseen, mysterious, and infinite—Jansen is searching for new ways of conceiving or understanding the world by breaking down the photograph, the most prevalent archetype of representation in the present day.

Afterwards, I hope you’ll make it to our performance at the Rendezvous Jewelbox Theatre:

Here’s what The Stranger has to say about tonight’s lineup:

This show promises to set you adrift on blissful waves of analog-synth burbles and oscillations (see especially Brother Raven and Mangled Bohemians) and ectoplasmic, post-folk emanations (see especially Sokai Stilhed and Midday Veil). These artists—all of whom are local except for Portland’s Mangled Bohemians—go for a song-form-dissolving approach that favors amorphous beauty and languorous drift over rigidly defined structure or rhythmic thrust. They don’t write songs so much as they create aural flotation devices. Welcome to the pleasure om.

Are you sold?  See you tonight!

~ by emilypothast on September 12, 2009.

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