Midday Veil: Live at Wall of Sound, 8/23/09

This Sunday, Midday Veil had the opportunity to play a set to a packed house at Wall of Sound, undoubtedly the finest independent record store on Capitol Hill.  Dave Segal wrote a wonderful preview in The Stranger:

I once saw a sign in a New York City storefront that read “ALL IS BLISS.” It was one of the most beautiful—if illusory—axioms I’ve ever seen. And it just might be Midday Veil’s guiding principle. Vocalist Emily Pothast has affinities for country music, soul, and blues, but her alluring earthiness comes equipped with an equally ravishing ethereality, which complements the band’s more kosmische tendencies. Throughout Midday Veil’s expansive, incantatory psychedelia, analog-synth wizard David Golightly meticulously, delicately coaxes star-dusted oscillations.

Here are a couple videos from the Wall of Sound show:

For information about upcoming performances (including the Portable Shrines Escalator Fest and a fall West Coast tour with Oakland-based enchantress Sequin Trails) visit our website, MiddayVeil.com or our MySpace page.

UPDATE:  Dave Segal just posted these videos and a brief show review to The Stranger’s Line Out.

~ by emilypothast on August 25, 2009.

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