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Last week I wrote a review of the Moore Inside Out for, the new local news and politics website begun by former Stranger news editor Josh Feit (and now featuring former Stranger writer Erica C. Barnett).  As it turns out, it will be the first of many such features for PubliCola:  I have accepted an ongoing gig as their “Art Nerd,” part of a stable of writers charged with the task of spicing up the news feed with information about local happenings and events.  

If Translinguistic Other is your favorite blog (and how could I blame you if it is!?) then you might be wondering: how will this affect my writing?  Well, hopefully not much.  The idea is that I’m responsible for one substantive review or essay for PubliCola per week, with a few smaller items throughout the week.  I will provide links to all my reviews here on TLO so you can still keep up with my art writing by subscribing to this feed.  In addition, I will continue to use this blog for all content that doesn’t “fit” within the general interest parameters of PubliCola.  Rest assured, the crackpot theories, observations and antics you have come to expect from me will remain thoroughly unchanged.

There will be some changes, but hopefully for the better.  As Regina Hackett often laments, one consequence of the paradigm shift away from newspapers and toward blogs on specialized topics is that art writers increasingly find themselves preaching to the converted.  By contributing content to a website with a growing audience of people with a committed interest in mainstream Seattle news and politics, I hope to foster broader awareness of things going on in the Seattle art community.  (If you’re a local visual art space or artist doing something you think I should know about, please feel free to send me your press releases.)

~ by emilypothast on June 30, 2009.

One Response to “PubliCola Art Nerd”

  1. Awesome Emily, have fun and I’m glad to see more art writing outside of the art sphere, as you point out. This is great!

    Oh god, the best comment on your PubliCola post was this one:

    The best part was watching people carrying around watermelons realizing they didn’t really want to carry around a heavy watermelon.


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