Opening Tonight

There are some excellent art events happening tonight in Seattle.  This afternoon, multimedia artist Wynne Greenwood continues a series of performances marking the end of her exhibition “Sweated” at Seattle University’s Hedreen Gallery.

Derek Johnson, studio view. Via

Derek Larson, studio view. Via

At Crawl Space, Vermont-based artist Derek Larson (who grew up in Seattle but received art degrees from Indiana University and Yale) is marking the end of his week-long studio intenstive residency with Liquid Crystal, an homage to material nostalgia. Larson is specifically interested in the effect of the digital age on the resonance of cultural artifacts:

As cultural signifiers increasingly exist as digital media rather than artifacts collected at physical events, Larson questions the emotional impact the internet has on its public. What once was the accumulation of things in a room (objects, books, photos, vinyl) is now a digital collection of ideas archived on hard drives. Larson plans to create an archive of his own made up of pre-internet objects culturally significant to Seattle. Using this material, he will build a sculptural installation and video works to reactivate an aura around these artifacts.

After that, I suggest you head down to the Moore Theatre for Moore Inside Out, an evening of free performance and installation, the latest effort by the Free Sheep Foundation (of Motel fame).  The Stranger has a full list of participating artists and projects.

~ by emilypothast on June 20, 2009.

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