SCORES: Live Music Reading at Lawrimore Project

Earlier this month, when I wrote about Yann Novak‘s current exhibition at Lawrimore Project, I mentioned that there was also an installation of art objects intended to be read as musical scores by other artists and musicians: SCORES, curated by Volume (Robert Crouch and Ed Patuto).

SCORES (installation view). Lawrimore Project, 2009.

SCORES (installation view). Lawrimore Project, 2009.

From the exhibition’s press release:

The relationship between musical scores and conceptual art is well documented: from early Stockhausen scores and John Cage’s seminal work, to the conceptual art strategies of Sol LeWitt and Yoko Ono, artists have found the idea of the score as a useful tool to further artistic practices. Historically, visual artists have used the notion of the score to transmit a set of instructions for completing an artwork (LeWitt) or in other cases the score itself is the final piece (Ono).  

For this exhibition, we have asked 14 artists to participate in this tradition by creating a new visual work that will also serve as a musical score for another artist or musician to interpret and perform.  

Tomorrow is the last day of the exhibition, so it’s time to interpret those scores! I’ve signed on to interpret a piece, along with my Midday Veil cohorts David Golightly, Timm Mason and Simon Henneman, Dragon’s Eye Recordings artist Wyndel Hunt, and Paintings For Animals, among others.  Come to Lawrimore Project at 2 p.m. on Saturday, June 13 to see what unfolds.  (Facebook event here.)

~ by emilypothast on June 12, 2009.

4 Responses to “SCORES: Live Music Reading at Lawrimore Project”

  1. oh! i wish i wasn’t going out of town today!

  2. Oh, how I wish I could come…

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