Inadvertent Public Art

Last weekend, Seattle photographer Shaun Kardinal went to visit his parents in suburban California, where he happened upon the following spectacle.

Shaun Kardinal. Bouquet. Photograph, 2009.

Shaun Kardinal. Bouquet. Photograph, 2009.

He told me the plants are arranged exactly the way he found them.  “The owner saw me looking at it and I asked if I could move it away from the curb to get a better look.  She said fine, as long as I moved it back when I was done.”

Shaun, who is best known for his introspective self portraits (like the ones he’ll be showing at Vermillion this month), is at his most brilliant when he’s not trying.  Unfortunately he did not happen on this golden moment with anything other than a low resolution point-and-shoot, so he’ll never be able to print this image any larger than it appears here.

The moral of the story?  Get on down to Vermillion and buy this talented SOB’s photographs so he can get a better digital camera!  That is all.

~ by emilypothast on June 11, 2009.

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