Why Settle for an Original Impression of an Old Master Print When You Can Pay More for a Reproduction on Canvas?!

I’m currently researching artworks for an upcoming catalog for the Antique Print Department at the gallery where I work and I just came across this bizarre gem of a website:

1st Art Gallery – Own a Masterpiece!

Now, first I must say that working in an antique art gallery that performs appraisals, I have certainly seen my fair share of cheesy reproductions.  But this website may the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. Case in point: this link is to an “oil painting” of an etching by Jacques Callot called “A Beggar and a Hurdy Gurdy Player.”  In their own words,

Why settle for a paper print when you can own a real handmade oil painting on canvas? Order your handmade reproduction of A Beggar and a Hurdy-Gurdy Player today!

The thing is, this image is of an ETCHING. (Actually two etchings, side by side.) That means the original work of art IS a paper print!  And what’s more, we have an original, first state, 17th century impression in our inventory at the gallery right now for—get this—LESS than having this website (some guy? Some factory in China, perhaps?) make a large-scale reproduction of it.

This makes my soul hurt.

~ by emilypothast on April 23, 2009.

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