End of Time

Midday Veil has finally released our first recording: a limited edition CDR of songs recorded at home by myself and David Golightly during the duo phase of the band’s history.

Midday Veil - End of Time. Limited release CDR in handmade cover.

Midday Veil - End of Time. CDR in handmade cover. Edition of 50.

The CDR is currently available at Dissonant Plane and Wall of Sound in Seattle, or by mailorder through our website.  Song samples from the new album may be found here.

In addition, there are several live recordings from our Portable Shrines show last Saturday night at the Josephine up on our MySpace page, as well as a lovely review of the show from Eric Lanzillotta at Dissonant Plane here.

~ by emilypothast on April 1, 2009.

4 Responses to “End of Time”

  1. i have similar handwriting — is that yours emily? i thought i wrote that for a second and was all confused. can’t wait to pick it up!

  2. That is my handwriting. Funny. And thanks!

    By the way, it seems like you’ve been as active lately on your blog as I have been absent. I’m looking forward to getting caught up. You are a FORCE!


    p.s. Love the pic of you whitewashing the fence. You should perform that one around…you look muy caliente in overalls!

  3. i listened last night. it was wonderful. great work, sugar. (also sugar’s bearded beauty.)

  4. Thanks Shaun! I know you’re a tough customer, so I’m honored.

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