Arts Connect, Disconnected

Last night I received a very sad email from Seattle artist and consummate go-getter Diana Falchuk.  Diana has spent the last five years carving out a career that combines teaching, community outreach, and artmaking.  Her program Arts Connect, a joint venture between Tacoma’s Museum of Glass and the Pierce County court system, provides a creative outlet for formerly incarcerated young men and young women who are either in detention or on probation.  Since its inception in 2001, Arts Connect has empowered hundreds of young people to improve their social and psychological well-being by fostering and encouraging their creative voices.  Unfortunately, I bet you can tell where this is going.

Self portrait of Arts Connect program participant.

Self portrait of Arts Connect program participant, 2008.

Due to decreased funding, the Museum of Glass has decided it has to cut Arts Connect to keep its doors open.  Diana will be looking for a new gig as of March 19.  A dynamic teacher with skills ranging from grant-writing to social services outreach, Diana will be an enormous asset to the right organization.  If you think that organization might be yours, she may be contacted through her website.

~ by emilypothast on February 19, 2009.

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  1. NO! that’s about all i can say… so sad on several fronts.

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