Yeah! What He Said!

I discovered this little gem today on a fascinating blog written by an Australian Gestalt psychotherapist and artist named Ron Dowd:

Handcolored alchemical engraving for "Rosarium Philosophorum," 1550.

Left: Emily Pothast. We Are You When You Are Dead, 2008. Collage and colored pencil. Right: Handcolored alchemical engraving for Rosarium Philosophorum, 1550.

Here’s a lovely and enigmatically titled work by Emily Pothast that has more than a hint of the alchemical, and for me also a strong sense of Gestalt.  Note the association with the tree of life of classical alchemy – this work having the same number of eyes as the tree of life has heads (one for each of the chakras). […]

The tree of eyes (“I”s?) grows from a noumenal field, one that is structured just the way things are, in accordance with the Flower of Life design, a so-called “seed image” for many ancient sacred geometries.

In this work, the ground is an energised seed for the outpouring of the tree, as the many I’s of the self outpour from the noumenal.

Wow.  Many thanks to Ron Dowd for an uncannily insightful reading.  Check out his blog for lots more great stuff about aboriginal and outsider art, Gestalt psychology, and poetry, among many other things.

~ by emilypothast on November 7, 2008.

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